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ShapeHand - Specifications

Technical Specs

# of sensors: 40

Sensor Data Rate: User Settable in 1 frame per second increments. Maximum rate depends on computer. Example: ShapeHand on a Toshiba laptop, 2Gb RAM, 1.86HZ CPU. GeForce 6600 chipset, maximum capture rate = 100 frames per second.

Data Formats: C3D, BVH, Global Position and Orientation, Real-Time to Motion Builder, C++ network programming options.

Operating Temperature: 0 to 50 degrees C

Gloves supported: Wireless system can support two hands per system, 5 systems per ShapeRecorder.

Minimum Computer Requirements: PC - Pentium III or higher 1 GByte or more of RAM. MAC: must have dual boot system, (ex. bootcamp).

Operating System: Windows XP / Vista

Video Card: Open GL compatible, Nvidia recommended

Wireless Technology: 802.11b

Wireless Range: 200m outdoor/indoor depends on environment/unlimited with onboard data storage.

Interface: Ethernet

Battery Duration: 3 Hours

Battery Charger: External

Arm Tracker: ShapeHand Plus

MotionBuilder Plug-in: Up to MotionBuilder 2009 included

Synchronization: Time code system optional. Software is ready to accept time codes, Hardware is available to generate them.

Joint Measurements

Wrist: Flexion/Extension, Adduction/Abduction (Radial/Ulna Deviation)

Fingers: Flexion/Extension, Adduction/Abduction

Thumb: Flexion/Extension, Adduction/Abduction, Opposition

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