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Clean and Proper Fit

Unlike other glove motion capture systems which are one-size-fits-some, the ShapeHand™ data glove is designed to properly fit different hand sizes. Its unique mocap design of detachable sensors allows different sized gloves to be used. ShapeHand™motion capture systems ship with small and medium gloves that can accommodate most hand sizes.



The ShapeHand data glove motion capture system comes with software that allows real-time viewing, recording, and synchronizing. ShapeRecorder accepts a Longitudinal Time Code (LTC) signal which becomes embedded in the regular raw data stream.


Ambidexterous Design

ShapeHand™ and ShapeHandPlus™ work on either the left or right hand. Unless you need simultaneous motion capture of both hands you can use one ShapeHand™ to capture left and right hands.


ShapeHand Plus

ShapeHandPlus™ system is the ShapeHand™ data glove integrated with an arm tracking ShapeTape™. ShapeHandPlus™ motion capture system tracks complete hand and arm movement.


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